Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Sword of Hope by Christopher Bryant

The Sword of Hope by Christopher Bryant
ISBN-13: 978-0741465962
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
Softcover (138 pages)

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Book blurb:

This is the story of two boys, one who is destined by the stars to walk a path laid out by destiny. The other, who is simply the help, will step out from the shadows and prove he's more than just the help.

“Another book that I just couldn't put down. To me, it was like sci-fi + conspiracy theory all rolled into one amazing book. As I read through this book, I was filled with anticipation, excitement and sadness. To see what these people went through and the courage that a lot of them had was amazing.

Well written. And the end - probably one of the best endings to a story that I have read in a long time. I have so much I want to share, but it's stuff I truly think you need to learn yourself.” Meghan.

About the author:

I came into the world one year before a man would walk on the moon, at the end of a decade that held the dawn of change in its guts. I was raised during a special and complex time but I retain memories of profound sensitivity and a love of knowledge that impregnated the experiences of my childhood. I look back fondly on my afternoons in the neighborhood. I can still see old the cinema where sensations, words and images appeared as if by magic before my wide eyes.

Time advanced with its sure steps and my love for the seventh art spread to a passion for literature. In the pages of books I discovered that prodigious spark which unites the author's tale to the depths of our imaginations. Through reading, writing and the tests life uses to shape us, I learned and grew. Creation and vision nested deep within me.

One day, four years ago, the stream of words and images that I had intoxicated myself with for so many years as reader and spectator, along with the clarity conferred by life's challenges, gave way to the writer that had been lurking within me, waiting for the chance to break free. 

That is how “THE BLEAK DOOR” was concocted, an intense and powerful tale, one that sticks to your skin as soon as you take it in your hands. We will travel its pages together, setting off as spectators. We will move quickly into a world of unique sensations, down a winding path paved with fear, drama, doubt and reflection. It will force us to look within ourselves, to flee, to rediscover who we are.

It is my hope, dear reader, that we remain forever united by this experience and that we may journey together always.

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