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Thoughts from Lorna




Title: Thoughts from Lorna, A Poetry Book
Author: Lorna Michael's
Cover design: Hydra Production
Photography: Bronwyn Goulding
Publisher: Hydra Productions
Release date: 13th August 2018
Blurb This book is a combination of poetry from a lifetime of writing. Some are about the love of a partner, family, child, and love lost. Each one has a powerful message that only you will know what it means. There is also several that talk about pain and loss of as a suffer from mental illness you will find the words refreshing like someone had taken your thoughts and feelings and put them into words that express you.

author bio 
         I am Lorna Michael’s I live in the Blue Mountains 2 hours from Sydney in NSW Australia with my husband and two fur babies I have been writing since I was a child and can remember the first time I was published in the school newsletter at the age of eight. For many years I have kept journals writing my thoughts as well as poetry. With over 50 poems in my arsenal, I decided to share them with the world. I have been told by many that have read my poems that they are art with a powerful message and that is what I want people to take away from my words a message for themselves whatever that should be. I believe there is a message in every word I write, and I believe the world should read it I have several works in progress projects that I will work on one at a time, so stay tuned and watch this space for more.  

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Thoughts From Lorna

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Friday, May 4, 2018

Child of Dust by Shoba Sadler

Child of Dust by Shoba Sadler
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Beautiful but spoilt Vietnamese socialite, Cao Kim Lye, learns of her parents sudden death from the dashing Amerasian family chauffeur, Bryan Nguyen.

Kim steps out of a world of crystal and chandelier to enter the dust and chaos of the working-class. She finds herself living under the roof of a shop cum living quarters with Bryan and his adoptive family.

Ever conscious of the privileged class, Kim struggles against the emotional ties she forms towards Bryan, the reluctant saviour, who considers her an unnecessary hitch to his already complicated life.

He still bears the scars of abandonment by his mother and his American GI father when U.S. troops pulled out of Vietnam.

Eventually Bryan and Kim's powerful attraction to each other begins to break down the walls between them, but is their attraction enough to blossom into a love that can sustain?

 About the Author

Shoba Sadler has been a freelance journalist for 20 years and founder of Agape magazine in Malaysia. She is a versatile inspirational author who writes in multiple genres. She has pioneered a new genre in inspirational multi-cultural writing with her novel Child of Dust and some of her many award-winning short stories can be read here

Her passion for writing is matched only by her passion for cooking with farm fresh produce. She lives a healthy lifestyle on a farm with her husband, Kevin, a talented musician, who also loves to surf and ski. They grow their own vegetables and fruits and share their home with a multitude of animals and wildlife. They are passionate about buying directly from local farmers who practice organic farming.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Icing by Debra Brice

 Icing by Debra Brice
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Some people can only dream of living out their fantasies. Cupcake shop owner Denie Shaw is the exception to the rule. This young, witty and charming woman seems to have a perfectly balanced life.

Years of making bad relationship decisions had given Denie, owner of Icing, the opportunity not only to become a strong, successful business woman, but also managed to involve her three best friends in her crazy cupcake adventures.

Denie’s sweet life gets turned upside down when she meets her crush, Tom Billingsly, right wing for the Cleveland Monsters hockey team. Together, Denie and Tom strike up a relationship that seems to have all the right ingredients.

Will Denie allow the fear of heartache to guide her choice, or will she take the leap of faith and trust God to provide a solid recipe for her life?

About the Author
 Debra Sue Brice lives in Ohio with her competitive show horses and a kitchen full of desserts. Her fictional characters closely follow the real life adventures of her and her best friends. When not riding, writing or baking, Debra Sue is a first grade teacher and loves spending time with her family.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Kara's Quest by Pam Funke

Kara's Quest by Pam Funke
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 Run, is all Kara Ravencloud can think about as she sprints through a field of corn. Someone is after her, but Kara has no clue as to who. This is the dream she has night after night. Is this a warning of some kind?

In the small town Kara lives in, quests are being given to children who are becoming. Kara isn't quite sure what that means until it happens to her. The elders give Kara a quest that sets her up for failure. Who wants the Ravencloud family banished from the colony and why?

 About the Author

 Pam Funke is the grand-daughter of a Pastor and was brought up in the church. Her love of reading led her to write for the enjoyment of others. She is the author of the Best-selling Apocalypse series. She lives in Georgia with her family.

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General Giao of Child Of Dust

Kevin Sadler is at General Giao's residence in Hanoi, Vietnam. He waits patiently in his study. General Giao enters with his personal aide, Hong Viet Long, both in military attire.
Kevin: Good morning General Giao. You can't imagine how stoked my wife is to chalk this interview with you but she couldn't make it. I;m here instead. Crikey, all this military protocol is a Larry Dooley.
General Giao: Are you American? Did I not make it clear that I won't give interviews to Americans? We won the Vietnam war, do you hear me? We sent the Americans fleeing.
Kevin: What?
General Giao speaks to his personal aide beside him in Vietnamese while Kevin looks on a little worried.
Kevin: Excuse me, sir, I flew down from Australia to Vietnam on 24 hours notice just for this interview.
General Giao: You're not American?
Kevin : No, sir.
General Giao: So why did you say Larry Dooley?
Kevin: I'm Australian, sir. It means take a beating.
General Giao consults his aide in Vietnamese again.
General Giao: Long says we have no quarrel with Australia.
Kevin: Fair dinkum. Aussies are easygoing blokes. You couldn't cop it with us if you tried.
General Giao: You will speak English if you want this interview to proceed.
Kevin: No worries, mate...I mean General Giao...sir. So first question - why are you against your niece getting married to Bryan Nguyen?
General Giao stood up so suddenly his chair nearly toppled and Kevin jumped out of his chair in fright. Long, his aide grabbed his shoulders and whispered something in his ear that seemed to calm him down. The General tidied his uniform and with a regal wave of the hand invited Kevin to take his seat once more. He complied, a little indignantly.
General Giao: Long tells me you might know where they are.
Kevin: Err... actually I don't.
General Giao: You said they are married!
Kevin: I don't know that either. I meant if they get married, would you be against it?
General Giao: What kind of question is that? Bryan is a Bui Doi. A child of dust. How can my niece marry that scum of the earth?
Kevin: I have heard these illegitimate children of American GIs are called all sorts of derogatory names. They are shunned by your society. Aren't they Vietnamese too? Do you think that's fair?
General Giao: They are children of the enemy. Now where is my niece hiding?
Kevin: I was hoping you could tell me as I would like to set up an interview with her too.
General Giao: You are testing my patience. Move on to the next question.
Kevin: When was the last time you saw your niece?
General Giao: She visited my daughter in this house when my first grandchild was born.
Kevin: This house? Where this interview is taking place now?
General Giao: Yes.
Kevin: Did Bryan come too?
General Giao: I wish he did. I would have arrested him.
Kevin: On what charges? Your niece, Kim, once said you threatened to have Bryan's family members arrested for being Christian. Is being Christian a crime?
General Giao: So you do know where she is?
Kevin: No. That information came from your daughter, Trang.
General Giao: Impossible!
Trang: Yes, it was me, Bo.
[Suddenly everyone in the room became aware that Trang had entered. She was standing near the doorway]
Trang: This hatred has to end. Kim and I are like sisters. You should not have driven her away.
General Giao: [looking at Kevin] This interview is over. Long will escort you out.
Trang: No. Let him stay. I want him to publish this interview. I want Kim to read it - wherever she is. I want her to know we love her.
Kevin: [addressing Trang] So you are not against Kim marrying Bryan Nguyen?
General Giao: [shouts] Don't answer that question! Guards! [guards enter] Escort my daughter to her room.
Guards leave our study room with Trang.
General Giao: You will not write anything about my daughter's outburst in your publication.
Kevin: I'll write the truth. You can't intimidate me.
General Giao: Maybe a day or two in a police lock-up might change your mind.
Kevin: need for that. I'll stick to the cue, matey, which reminds me, I have a plane to catch. I'll be on me merry way. [Skedaddles out of the room]

Sunday, March 25, 2018

K.N. Lee's Dragon-Born series continues

War of the Dragons by K.N. Lee
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Dragons. Magic. War. In a mystical world where Dragons reign, one mysterious duo of wizards rise from the shadows to even the battlefield.
New York Times bestselling author, K.N. Lee presents the fourth installment in the fast-paced, thrilling epic fantasy adventure that swept the world away with the #1 international bestseller critics are comparing to Rick Riordan's young adult novels, Half-Blood Dragon.

 The lines are set. Wizards versus Dragons, and as queen of Withrae, Rowen finds herself faced with the fate of the kingdom in her hands.

Her crown binds her to the palace, even someone she loves dearly is kidnapped by the Trinity brothers who rule in the southern islands of the human realm. She must find a way to protect her family without abandoning her duties. There's one young man who can help her, the scribe who once worked for her father. Together, they hatch a plan to stop the war, protect both the humans and the Dragons, and prevent the prophecy Rowen has always dreamed would come true.

The end of the world.

As a curse plagues all of Draconia, preventing its people from shifting in their Dragon form, Rowen and Rickard will come face to face with their darkest nightmares, and the truth of the red dragon from Rowen's prophecies will be revealed.

Embark on a magical journey packed with heart-pounding action and a dash of romance that fans compare to George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones, Sarah J. Maas's Court of Thorns and Roses, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

The dragon-born series is the first thing that I have ever read by author K.N. Lee and I must say that I am impressed. Though I am a late reader of the series, it worked out to my advantage. I did not have to wait and wait for the next installment in the series. So yes, I have read books 1-4 back to back. I do believe War of the Dragons is my favorite book thus far. The subtle love stories entwined with action and adventure creates a marvelous story. I was rooting for several characters while others simply make me dislike them. Only a good story and a good author can accomplish that. War of the Dragons was so exciting I couldn't put it down. Then just when things seemed as though I could stand it no longer, it ended. (frown) Why is it over? Guess I have to wait until the next book comes out.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Half-blood Dragon by K.N. Lee

Half-blood Dragon by K. N. Lee
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Pirates, dragons, mermaids. Embark on a coming of age journey that will leave you breathless. A lady-in-waiting's job is to follow orders. For Rowen, it is to execute her stepfather's plan to elevate the family's station by an advantageous marriage to the crown prince. Intrigue and seduction fill Rowen's days, but the prophecies that haunt her dreams at night warn her that death awaits. The taunts of her sleepless nights are realized when she is framed and sentenced to death for the prince's murder. For a human, there’s nowhere to run and no one to turn to in a kingdom where power is tightly held by full-blooded dragon shifters. It will take a stranger from the shadows to save Rowen from execution and reveal a truth full of terrifying potential. It is time for Rowen to find the courage to accept her fate, awaken her gift, and set the world on fire. Change is coming. So is a new prophecy that threatens the fate of the entire world.
 Half-Blood Dragon was a very interesting story. I love how the author pulls you into the fantasy world of dragons, magicians, and mankind. What made me want to read this book was the amazing cover and the blurb. I felt as though it was going to be an exciting story and I am pleased to say that I was not disappointed! The author's writing style makes me think of C.S. Lewis and the world of Narnia. I wonder if Miss K.N. Lee was inspired by those books as a child. The only thing that I did not like about the books was the profanity occasionally spoken throughout the book. I ended up skipping over the words when they appeared. I think the story would still be just as good if the author had chosen to leave the cursing out of the book. Setting that one thing aside, the story is quite good. It's captivating! I do believe that I will be reading the next installment in this series. I have to know what happens next. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy story. Nice job Ms. K.N. Lee. 

About the Author
 K.N. Lee is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. When she is not writing twisted tales, fantasy novels, and dark poetry, she does a great deal of traveling and promotes other authors. Wannabe rock-star, foreign language enthusiast, and anime geek, K.N. Lee also enjoys helping others reach their writing and publishing goals. She is a winner of the Elevate Lifestyle Top 30 Under 30 "Future Leaders of Charlotte" award for her success as a writer, business owner, and for community service.

She is signed with Captive Quill Press and Patchwork Press.

K.N. Lee loves hearing from fans and readers. Connect with her!

Another Great Addition to the Bernovem Chronicle

The Medallion by Victoria Simcox

Purchase the book here: Paperback | Kindle

The 3rd installment in The Bernovem Chronicle is here!
This time Kristina’s stayed on in the magical land, to join Hector Mysteria, in the search for the wizard, Azaril Crimson, who’s hidden Bernovem’s Book of Prophecy in the forsaken land of Jalmara. Sentiz is also back and in search of a key item―the Medallion―that she’ll need in order to cast her final spell to rule Bernovem. Things would be much easier for her, if only the whereabouts of the Medallion were known.

Join Kristina as she continues her adventure, on her dangerous journey, where she’ll soar high above the land and seas, on the back of a dragon, barely escape the clutches of death, as well as meet someone from her past she’d never dreamed of seeing in Bernovem. 

     I must say that I have enjoyed reading The Bernovem Chronicles series by Victoria Simcox. This fantasy series has been one amazing ride of the imagination! Victoria's writing style is much like that of C.S. Lewis; full of imagination with an underlying lesson for all. The third book in the series, The Medallion, The story continues Kristina's journey in Jalmara.This story has adventure, love, and magic. This story is captivating to say the least. You will find yourself on the edge of your seat while rooting for some characters while yelling at those you dislike. I highly recommend not only this novel but the entire series. If you have not had the pleasure of reading the Bernovem Chronicles from the beginning, I advise you grab a copy of the first two in the series. While this book would do well as a standalone, reading the series in order helps to answer some questions for those who started reading with this novel.

 About the Author

I was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, to an Austrian immigrant mother, and a Dutch immigrant father. I now lives in Western Washington with my husband, Russ and our three children, Toby, Kristina, and William. Beside being a writer, I am a home-schooling mother of thirteen years and an elementary school art teacher of twelve years.