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Monday, June 1, 2020

Five Star Review A most enjoyable read, not only for Christians

The Fallen were angels that were cast out of heaven for disobeying THE ALMIGHTY ONE and choosing to follow Lucius. They were cast down to earth where they mated with human women. What happened to them? What happened to their children? What if after being cast down to earth many changed their minds and wanted to reconcile with THE ALMIGHTY ONE? What if their children did?

My name is Kara Ravencloud. I am a Nephilim, a daughter of the Fallen, which is what I only recently discovered on my quest. I don't think my parents even know this. I've uncovered things I'm sure the council does not want me to tell the others back home. If I ever get away from this psychotic doctor, Agnes Fumblestock, I'm definitely going to discuss this with my friend, Anna and my folks. They'll know what to do. There are so many like me in the world. Not all of us choose to follow the one called Lucius. Many of us, like me, are seeking ways to reconcile our people to THE ALMIGHTY ONE. Join me as we fight for our freedom to follow THE ALMIGHTY ONE.

This is the second book in the series and it was amazing to read as the first one was. I want spoil it, but have to say, Pam Funke really has an amazing mind to create such a book, as a Christian she is. Putting God first with the fallen angles and putting them in the right place where they belong, as they follow Lucifer. Hmm, but now i have to wait to get the conclusion of what has started in book 1. with Kara the most loving person and a great leader.
This book is not only for Christian, it's a book like Davinci Code and Indiana Jones together. Yes i agree to that. The characters are well. so it's very enjoyable to read. ~ Review by Gigi Sedlmayer

Five Star Review Silver Wings and All

Run, is all Kara Ravencloud can think about as she sprints through a field of corn. Someone is after her, but Kara has no clue as to who. This is the dream she has night after night. Is this a warning of some kind?

In the small town Kara lives in, quests are being given to children who are becoming. Kara isn't quite sure what that means until it happens to her. The elders give Kara a quest that sets her up for failure. Who wants the Ravencloud family banished from the colony and why?

     This novel was amazing- it was action packed, full of vivid and fully complex interesting characters, that you want to know more about, and the pacing was spot on- If you like novels with supernatural anything, this is a great book. It's light enough for teenagers to read,but they wont realize it. I happen to love books on magic, ghosts and the paranormal, but this one was on angels, and it wasn't all sunshine and roses, which tends to be the stereotype, but a level of humanity imbued onto them, like no other. The fragility of the characters just made them better, and you could see how Kara moved in the hero journey. The only thing I am really unhappy with is that I have to wait for the sequel, to find out what happens next, but God is very mysterious, so maybe leaving her quest unfinished is intentional, time will tell. ~ Review by Winifred

5 Star Review For Fires of Discovery

     My name is Raven Carrington and I've been plagued with these horrifying dreams about a witch. Crazy right? Who knew the dreams were only the beginning? Soon, after the nightmares begin, I obtain powers and  discover the sisters in my dreams are related to me. A stranger contacted me on my laptop shortly after I discovered that I have powers. No, really I mean it. You should have seen it, I was totally freaked out. My parents, however, were not even the slightest bit disturbed by this. I don't know which is worse....the fact that I have powers or the fact that my parents act as though they were expecting it. How can a Christian family have a witch in it? We're descendants of one of the 12 disciples. This is so totally weird. I don't know what to do. It's not like I can talk to anyone about it. I'd be on an one-way trip to looney land. Straight jacket anyone? No thanks, not for me. Am I a witch or are my powers the same as the disciples had?  Is it possible the sisters did too but were mistaken for witches during the 1800’s because people of that time were afraid? How is it possible that there were witches in this very Christian family? Yeah, that’s what I want to know too.
     The 1800's is not the coolest place to learn about how to be a witch. I'm not even sure that I am one yet. I've found the three sisters from my dreams, who are about to be killed for practicing witchcraft. So heart-breaking. I've only seen them use their powers for good. How does that make them a bad person? What will happen to me if I'm discovered? One, I have witch-like powers and two, I'm totally out of my century.
     Raven has unique powers called convergence of powers. She must choose which powers she wanted. It was a tough choice. These are her adventures. Would she denounce her evil powers or will she free her family from the family curse.
    This was a very good read! A lot of dream teleportation going on. But it kept and held my interest. A different writing from this author but a good choice. Wow!🔥🔥🔥 ~ Review by LadyTee89

4 Star Review Christian Hansel and Gretel Retold

After saving her brother, Hansel, when they were young, from the evil Lucretia Thunderbane, Gretel never thought she would one day have to return to the dreaded wood, Bialowieza Forest. 

Oma Leiderhosen warned Awodiya to stay out of the woods behind their quaint German house in Stuttgart, Germany. But like most children, she did the opposite of what she was told. Awodiya knew she shouldn't have followed that kid into the forest but she never knew her Opa's tales were true. Oh how she wished she had listened to her grandmother now. Trapped inside the house of Die Hexe in the center of the forest, Awodiya learns a part of the tale that was never included in Opa's stories. Was it true? Would her mother come to rescue her?
     Awŏdíya, is the daughter of a grown Gretel who is now a doctor. Hansel still lives with his mom and dad after Gretel rescued him from the witch when they were teens. Gretel and her daughter are called home when Gretel’s father passes. They decide to honor his wishes to bury him in Germany. While there, the witch has spied them in the house. Gretel took something that belonged to the witch…so now the witch will take something from her in return. Only, that gift is more precious than anyone knows. This book has Christian principles thrown in for a retelling of Hansel and Gretel…and more. ~Review by Evelyn Dotson