Thursday, January 30, 2020

Excerpt From The Fallen

Get ready! Get ready!

Enjoy this little sneak peek of The Fallen. Look for it Feb 5th.

“Will you move already,” Ipos ordered.
He crushed the links of the chain toward the middle of the chain, pulverizing it. It fell in two pieces onto the bed. He quickly freed the boy from the chain.
“Come on! She’ll be back soon. Where’s Arieana?” Ipos asked.
“Waiting for us in the duct,” Phillip replied.
Ipos turned to face Micah.
“Do you think you can make it?” he asked while pointing up to the duct.
The kid nodded as he slowly got up from the bed. He followed Ipos and Phillip over to the bed and up into the duct. Ipos pulled up the vent cover behind them. They crawled as quietly as they were able to in the metal-air duct. Arieana was waiting a few feet ahead.
“I was wondering where you were,” she said.
“I freed both Micah and Ipos,” Phillip replied.
“You’ll get the details later. Right now, we must go before we’re discovered,” Ipos stated.
The four of them silently continued their journey through the dust and spider webs to the end of the duct exiting on the roof. Micah smiled, and tears formed when he saw the sun and blue sky. I thought I’d never see this again. He took in a deep breath. The smell of a nearby forest tickled his nose.
“Thank you for rescuing me. I am eternally indebted to you,” he said, smiling.
“You owe us nothing,” Phillip replied.
“We are not out of the woods yet,” Ipos added. He looked around nervously. “We need to go.”
“What about the others?” Arieana asked.
“We cannot afford to get caught. Besides, they were not in the room with Micah,” Phillip replied.
Arieana rolled her eyes. “No, I meant Kara and Anna Marie, or have you forgotten about them?”


Another Installment Is Coming...

The Fallen written by Pam Funke is the 2nd book in her Nephilim series.You met Kara Ravencloud in book 1.  This time Kara has gotten herself into quite a pickle. The evil Dr. Agnes Fumblestock has her in captivity. Can she get away and maybe save some Nephilim along the way. You will find some new friends and some that you are meeting for the first time. Pam takes  you on a roller coaster of thrills, adventure, fantasy, and chills. Come root for your favorite characters.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

An Unique Fantasy Novel

Run, is all Kara Ravencloud can think about as she sprints through a field of corn. Someone is after her, but Kara has no clue as to who. This is the dream she has night after night. Is this a warning of some kind?

In the small town Kara lives in, quests are being given to children who are becoming. Kara isn't quite sure what that means until it happens to her. The elders give Kara a quest that sets her up for failure. Who wants the Ravencloud family banished from the colony and why?
I highly recommend that you read this book. The next one is coming February 2020!