Thursday, March 26, 2015


We have a winner! We have a winner. One copy of this awesome movie will be finding it's way to the home of Jonathan Everett.

Thank you to all of you who entered the contest. For those who missed the chance to win this great movie, you can purchase a copy from Wal-Mart. This is one movie the entire family can watch together and enjoy.

Jonathan, I hope that you enjoy the movie as much as I did. Watch for the package coming to you soon.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

God Tells The Sun To Shine: An amazing story of love and forgiveness

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GOD TELLS THE SUN TO SHINE: An amazing story of love and forgiveness By Femi Bolaji
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About the Book:

God tells the Sun to Shine is a short story about ambition, love, intrigue and forgiveness. The main character is the second-born of twin boys Esau and Jacob. Jacob struggles to come to terms with the privileges that the natural birth order accords the first-born twin Esau. He becomes so obsessed with the desire to become the alpha male in the family enterprise that he plots with their mum to upstage Esau. Although his plan succeeds, he is forced to flee the homeland after Esau plots to kill him in retaliation. For two decades, his life in exile is marked by turmoil in love, marriage and work. When a business arrangement goes pear shaped and he is faced with bankruptcy and the loss of his family, he decides instead to return to his country and face his nemesis - Esau. How will Jacob manoeuvre his way through the ordeal?

Femi Bolaji - photoFemi Bolaji is a seasoned writer and commentator on topical Christian themes. He likes to tell Bible-based stories in contemporary language and style that would appeal to all, yet with profound insight and application to the pressures of modern day living. He is an alumnus of the Bartlett, University College London. He lives in London, United Kingdom.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Introducing the Grace of God!

Grace of God

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About the movie:
Releases on DVD March 24, 2015
99 Minutes // Genre: Family, Inspirational // Rating: NR

Having lost his faith many years ago, Detective Bill Broadly is called to investigate the disappearance of the local church’s collection plate. As he questions its various church members, rumors swirl as more congregants learn about the theft. When one unexpected church-goer confesses to stealing the funds, the confession resurrects Broadly’s views on God, and helps him see that through faith and belief there really is rebirth and redemption.

I received a complimentary copy from for the purpose of review. The following review is my honest opinion and has in no way been influenced by the company.

Grace of God the title alone is powerful. It leads the viewer to believe the following movie is going to be an incredible story about God's amazing grace.  This movie certainly does not disappoint. When $30,000 goes missing from a local church, they hire an atheist private investigator to find the money. Now as a viewer that sent up a red flag to me. Why would a church hire someone who is so against God and anything Christian to do anything for them let alone find stolen money? Seems like a bad idea, right? But then I thought about it, why not? What a great way for God to reach someone who has rejected Him by exposing him to the very thing he needs--plant  the seed.
This movie spins a tale that not only entertains but draws the audience in. Before long it'll have you trying to figure out who took the money and why. It will have you despises some characters while feeling sorry for others. The cliffhanger of the whole movie will cause you to rewind the movie and go back to make sure you saw right. The thief is NOT who you think it is. The most amazing thing is the message behind the whole movie ~ God's amazing grace. We are all sinners, but when we confess our sins to God and ask for forgiveness, God will forgive us each and every time no matter what it is that we've done. So awesome! This movie will have you thinking and stirring up some things within yourself and have you talking to God. It is amazing what God can reveal to you through a movie. 

The actors and actresses did an amazing job portraying their roles. They were so believable which makes you realize this could happen anywhere. It made me wonder if my own church would handle things in a similar way. 

I definitely recommend watching this movie with your family and discussing it afterwards. This would also make a great movie to show at a church function. So powerful. I give this movie 5 stars out of a total of 5 stars.

How would you like the chance to win a copy of this great movie for your family? Well, have I got news for you. I have one copy of this great movie to give away. So don't forget to enter for your chance below.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sarah Anne's Expedient Marriage


Sarah Anne's Expedient Marriage By Cathy Lynn Bryant & Jessica M. Dorman
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About the Book:

Knowing he was about to die, Sarah Anne’s beloved father had arranged for her to marry Alexander Swyndhurst II. Alexander, a recent widower, had no intention of taking another wife; but after learning the young woman’s situation—that she had been the object of at least one man’s unwanted attentions, and that she would soon be left alone and unprotected—he had agreed to the marriage. He had one stipulation, however: He and Sarah Anne would live separately—he in Bristol, England, and she in Amesbury, Massachusetts Bay Colony. Sarah Anne had agreed wholeheartedly with this arrangement. Will Alexander have a change of heart? What of the dangerous man from her past? What will happen while her husband is away—leaving her alone with only the servants? Even though there are connections, each novel in the series may be read as a stand-alone.

 Cathy Lynn Bryant & Jessica M. Dorman
cathy Inspired by interesting characters and events uncovered while doing genealogical research,mother and daughter writing team, Cathy Lynn Bryant and Jessica Marie Dorman, who live in beautiful New England, have masterfully woven the stories of real people and fictional characters from the 17th and 18th centuries to develop inspirational, romantic, works of historical fiction. The Unshakable Faith series includes the following titles: Book 1 Lost Love and Shipwrecked--Madeline Pike Finds Hope in the New Land; Book 2 Grandmother's Namesake; Book 3 Sarah Anne's Expedient Marriage.

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