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Thoughts from Lorna




Title: Thoughts from Lorna, A Poetry Book
Author: Lorna Michael's
Cover design: Hydra Production
Photography: Bronwyn Goulding
Publisher: Hydra Productions
Release date: 13th August 2018
Blurb This book is a combination of poetry from a lifetime of writing. Some are about the love of a partner, family, child, and love lost. Each one has a powerful message that only you will know what it means. There is also several that talk about pain and loss of as a suffer from mental illness you will find the words refreshing like someone had taken your thoughts and feelings and put them into words that express you.

author bio 
         I am Lorna Michael’s I live in the Blue Mountains 2 hours from Sydney in NSW Australia with my husband and two fur babies I have been writing since I was a child and can remember the first time I was published in the school newsletter at the age of eight. For many years I have kept journals writing my thoughts as well as poetry. With over 50 poems in my arsenal, I decided to share them with the world. I have been told by many that have read my poems that they are art with a powerful message and that is what I want people to take away from my words a message for themselves whatever that should be. I believe there is a message in every word I write, and I believe the world should read it I have several works in progress projects that I will work on one at a time, so stay tuned and watch this space for more.  

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signed Copy

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Thoughts From Lorna

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