Friday, July 24, 2020

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YA Fantasy
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The Fallen  were angels that were cast out of heaven for disobeying THE ALMIGHTY ONE and choosing to follow Lucius. They were cast down to earth where they mated with human women. What happened to them? What happened to their children? What if after being cast down to earth many changed their minds and wanted to reconcile with THE ALMIGHTY ONE? What if their children did?
My name is Kara Ravencloud. I am a Nephilim, a daughter of the Fallen, which is what I only recently discovered on my quest. I don't think my parents even know this. I've uncovered things I'm sure the council does not want me to tell the others back home. If I ever get away from this psychotic doctor, Agnes Fumblestock, I'm definitely going to discuss this with my friend, Anna and my folks. They'll know what to do. There are so many like me in the world. Not all of us choose to follow the one called Lucius. Many of us, like me, are seeking ways to reconcile our people to THE ALMIGHTY ONE. Join me as we fight for our freedom to follow THE ALMIGHTY ONE.

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YA Dystopian Fantasy
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Fans of the popular Left Behind series may enjoy this series!
A mysterious voice suggests to General Alexander Ludlow a military op that will bring an end to the world's evil. Feeling overwhelmed by the loss of so many of his troops over the years, Alexander enacts Operation Dark Angel. Once General Ludlow is onboard, the voice gathers together a most unusual group of people to ensure Operation Dark Angel's success. What role will Operation Dark Angel play in bringing about the rise of Nicolaitanes Balac?

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Genre:  YA Inspirational
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This is the second book in the Inspirational Life Experiences series.

Grace Peters spent much of her childhood engrossed in the church. Her family spent every waking moment at Full Gospel Tabernacle when they weren't busy with everyday life. After one bad thing after another, she begins to doubt the existence of God as she listens to her godless friends, school teachers, as well as music and television programs.

As she goes through life, many different things happen that seem to confirm her growing doubts. Where is God? Does He even truly exist? As far as Grace is concerned, He is now a myth. It isn't until a cataclysmic event happens in her life that compels her to return to her faith in hopes that God truly exists. Will she find Him?

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Autographed copy $22 includes shipping YA Fantasy To order, send an email to AuthorPamFunke (at) Hello, my name is Israel Jacobs. I am 14 years old. I just returned from a most unusual, but exciting trip to Israel with my family. My mom is a world famous archaeologist, who is bent on proving the Bible to the world. Although my mom's job is pretty cool, I'm not all that into the religion thing. At least I didn't used to be until now. My sister and I accompanied her on her latest archaeological dig in Syria where I found a magical stone that transported me on adventure that you will never believe. Can you believe that I am actually witnessing what she is trying to prove? I still cannot believe it myself and I am actually witnessing it with my own eyes. Come join me on my adventure through time and on my own special quest. Come with me and we'll discover God together.