Friday, December 21, 2012

Every Ready Soul Comes by Elizabeth Bowers

Every Ready Soul Comes by Elizabeth Bowers
ISBN: 978-1434369215
Publisher: AuthorHouse 
Softcover (436 pages)

Book Synopsis:

Every Ready Soul Comes, is an incandescent work of fiction in which a true seeker searches for herself as she travels through the worlds of God. Her celebrated life and career in Sector One leaves her unfulfilled and feeling the need to go on searching for a more fulfilling purpose to justify her existence. She passes through tunnels of cold and desolate places. Her many travels are arguably the most thrilling and significant elixir of self knowledge and character development. Her power to influence others as well as circumstances grows with each step along the cobblestone path of her ever changing reality.

 About the author:

Born and raised in Absecon, a small town in Southern New Jersey, Elizabeth Bowers spent her childhood looking for ways to make sense out of life. This search blossomed into a passionate need to understand eternal truisms. Her father, a Christian minister, taught her about the Christian Faith, from a fundamental point of view. But Bowers saw deeper meaning in Biblical metaphors and similes. After a lengthy career in human services and involvement in human rights and positive social reform she retired and began an earnest quest for a greater connection with Spirit. This has lead Bowers on a spiritual journey that continues to this day. Along the path, she has studied the writings of many of the world's religions and through that study, has developed an understanding of spiritual law and the impact that our own thinking has on our lives. She learned that prayer and meditation, when practiced diligently, keep us aligned with Spirit as we travel the worlds of God. Bowers has discovered for herself, as have others, that are thoughts are creative. Through thought control, we can participate in the creation of our own world view. Elizabeth is the wife of William H. Bowers. Together they have two children and four grandchildren. She has written many short stories, vignettes and journalistic articles. She is the compiler and co-author of "Pieces of The Tapestry", and is a prolific poet and student of metaphysics. Among her published works are "The Inner Garden", and a children's book, "Poetry Can Be Fun", She holds a Master of Arts Degree from Lindenwood College, (now Lindenwood University) and has been very active in the field of the humanities for more than forty two years. Look for her upcoming novel, "EPACE". 

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