Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Twilight What?


Eternal Curse by Kara Leigh Miller

  • ASIN : B08CY5Q9WG

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After pulling the plug on her mother’s life support, seventeen-year-old Chloe Madison moves to live with relatives she hardly knows. Her new hometown in the Adirondack Mountains is barely more than a pinpoint on the map, but it’s shrouded in deadly secrets and strange family legends. Chloe is determined to keep her head down, finish high school, and get the heck out of there. Until she meets the enigmatic Trent Halstead. Something intriguing hides beneath his quiet self-assurance and hero hair. Maybe there’s something—or someone—worth sticking around for after all.

This is my very first book by this author and all I can say is wow! She pulled you right into the middle of the main characters lives. The love and passion between them is beautifully written. It makes the reader wish that a love like that actually existed in the real world. There are times when I am reminded of Romeo and Juliet while reading that makes me pause for a moment or two before I'm devouring the rest of the book to find out what happens next. I don't want to give away any spoilers so I will say this, you MUST read this story as it is quite good. Okay, I am off to read Book 2. Well done, ma'am.

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