Monday, June 1, 2020

Five Star Review Silver Wings and All

Run, is all Kara Ravencloud can think about as she sprints through a field of corn. Someone is after her, but Kara has no clue as to who. This is the dream she has night after night. Is this a warning of some kind?

In the small town Kara lives in, quests are being given to children who are becoming. Kara isn't quite sure what that means until it happens to her. The elders give Kara a quest that sets her up for failure. Who wants the Ravencloud family banished from the colony and why?

     This novel was amazing- it was action packed, full of vivid and fully complex interesting characters, that you want to know more about, and the pacing was spot on- If you like novels with supernatural anything, this is a great book. It's light enough for teenagers to read,but they wont realize it. I happen to love books on magic, ghosts and the paranormal, but this one was on angels, and it wasn't all sunshine and roses, which tends to be the stereotype, but a level of humanity imbued onto them, like no other. The fragility of the characters just made them better, and you could see how Kara moved in the hero journey. The only thing I am really unhappy with is that I have to wait for the sequel, to find out what happens next, but God is very mysterious, so maybe leaving her quest unfinished is intentional, time will tell. ~ Review by Winifred

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