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Interview for The Baron of Larcondale

Marji - What inspired you to become a writer?
Mary - I started out wanting to be an artist, but everything I drew was characters from a story. So around Junior High, with the encouragement of some teachers, I began to write the stories. God had a hand in this. I don't have the discipline to create the level of art required to be successful in that field, but I still use my artist's "eye" in the graphic designs I make for our books and videos.
Marji - What is your ultimate goal for writing in general?
Mary - The primary goal in the writing both my husband and I do is demonstrate the authority of the Word of God. Both in fiction and non-fiction, that's our overall purpose. Know the Word, believe the Word, know the Lord Who wrote it.
Marji - How does The Baron of Larcondale satisfy that goal?
Mary - The story has some parallels to the lives of Jacob and Esau in the Bible. Tristan and Dunstan are princes. Dunstan is the older, favored son of a father who is blind to his faults. Tristan is trapped in a situation he can't change until God removes him, then prepares him to come back and make right what his brother has corrupted.
Marji - What inspired this particular story?
Mary -Partly Jacob's story, as I mentioned, and partly the idea that a person may be good, and right with God himself, but still not prepared to do the work God has for him. Tristan goes through some very hard times to get him ready to come back to his kingdom when it needs him the most.
Marji - Okay, I'm a visual person and this is a question I ask over and over because I love having a face in mind when I read. What actors might play your main characters if they made a movie of this?
Mary - For Tristan, I love Hugh Jackman and Robert Downey Junior. Mayra, the female lead, is very young, between thirteen and sixteen for most of the story, so I honestly don't know any actresses that young who could play her.
Marji - What's a lasting line from your novel - like the "Frankly, my dear ..." from Gone with the Wind, or "You had me at hello."
Mary - This is a line that Mayra says about Tristan. I can't tell you the circumstances without giving away a big part of the story, but here it is. “My prince is ready to make me his princess, now. I’ve helped him see, just as I promised. Just as I always will.”
Marji - How does writing fit in to your everyday life?
Mary - I write off and on ever day. Traveling while my husband drives, I help with the trip paperwork, load finding and other work chores, but in between I network, edit, write and refine our work.
She's also shared a snippet from The Baron of Larcondale.
"Do not continue to oppose me, prince," Shneea warned. "This man you have loved since childhood will die here, and he will only be the first."
"I have no choice but to oppose you," Tristan said. "You feed off innocent men's flesh."
"You will submit," Shneea said. "You and I shall wed, or I will destroy you without touching your body. Prince Tristan will cease to exist."
"How can you do such a thing?" Tristan was baffled.
"Do not tempt me to show you," Shneea said. "Marry me, handsome prince."
"It's impossible," Tristan gritted. "You have a husband, and I have a wife."
"My husband will be dead almost any moment," Shneea laughed. "But you have got yourself a wife, have you? The marriage will be annulled."
"I have no desire to be rid of my wife, nor to wed you."

Mary C. Findley is 54 years old, married 32 years, 3 20-something children, traveling in a tractor trailer with her husband through all the 48 connected states full-time. 

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