Thursday, October 5, 2023

Forbidden Love by Rhaine Storm

Two shifters, one wolf the other a dragon. Neither allowed to mate with humans. One human girl who loves them both.

Mia Ephraim is your average college student who by chance meets two of the hottest guys in her life. Ignoring the dream of her father yelling at her for choosing Immortals; she has no idea what an Immortal is prior to meeting Killion Adone and Sammael Nazwari. A near death experience exposes Mia to things her world has long since declared as mythical or nonexistent. Mia begins to doubt her eyes and beliefs. Dragons, werewolves, and the like don't exist, right?

Killian Adone and Sammael Nazwari live in the realm of men passing off as human until they both fall for the same girl. An attack on her by a wolf-shifter causes them to expose their real selves. Upon questioning the Leuraq Council, they find clues that the council has ulterior motives. They entrust Killion as guardian of the coveted Dragon's Eye. Someone steals the item and it vanishes from the human realm. Who will find the Dragon's Eye and the power it welds? Who will win Mia Ephraim's heart?

I don't know about you but I am looking forward to reading this.  Get your copy here.

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