Friday, July 24, 2020

Order an Autographed Copy of Israel Today!

Autographed copy $22 includes shipping YA Fantasy To order, send an email to AuthorPamFunke (at) Hello, my name is Israel Jacobs. I am 14 years old. I just returned from a most unusual, but exciting trip to Israel with my family. My mom is a world famous archaeologist, who is bent on proving the Bible to the world. Although my mom's job is pretty cool, I'm not all that into the religion thing. At least I didn't used to be until now. My sister and I accompanied her on her latest archaeological dig in Syria where I found a magical stone that transported me on adventure that you will never believe. Can you believe that I am actually witnessing what she is trying to prove? I still cannot believe it myself and I am actually witnessing it with my own eyes. Come join me on my adventure through time and on my own special quest. Come with me and we'll discover God together.

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