Monday, December 29, 2014

They Shall See God by Athol Dickson

They Shall See God by Athol Dickson
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Sometimes the most dangerous of enemies crouches just inside the human heart.

    Little Katie was a Christian. Her very best friend Ruth was a Jew. The girls' eyewitness testimony sent a bad man to Louisiana's infamous Angola prison. 25 years later, Ruth has become an embittered Rabbi, Kate is a lonely widow, the bad man is out, and people are dying in the strangest of ways.
     Torn apart in childhood by animosities beyond their understanding, Kate and Ruth can no longer elude the past's unfinished business. To survive, these very different women must reach out to each other in spite of the mayhem and mistrust that shrouds one vital truth: sometimes the most dangerous of enemies crouches just inside the human heart.

"Warning!! Severe hatred toward Christians inside." The book's description should hold this disclaimer. I'm not even sure how the author is able to get away with calling this a Christian fiction novel ~ there's nothing Christian about it! In the very first chapter hatred for Christians is quite evident. At first, I thought maybe it was just to help set the tone between several characters, but later I'm not so sure. It seemed more apparent that this is the author's feelings and less of the characters. Normally it only takes me a couple of days to finish a book, but this one took me almost two months to finish. It was hard to ignore all the hatred, the grammatical errors, misspelled words, wrong usage of words. The sad thing about this whole thing is the story itself could actually be good if the author toned it down some. He could still get the point across without instilling so much ugliness. I bought this book because it was supposedly a Christian novel and a thriller to boot. I am severely disappointed and will not be purchasing anything else from this author.

I give this book 2 stars out of a total of 5.

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