Wednesday, May 8, 2013

God Was My Armor by Michelle Kidwell

God Was My Armor by Michelle Kidwell
Publisher: Michelle Kidwell

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Book blurb:

We worked hard in the camps digging massive graves for those who had already been killed, often wondering if we were going to be the next to die from disease, from starvation, or taken to the “ showers “. We worked long hours and the food we got didn’t give us any strength, but still after it grew dark and we were back in the bunks, we would sing and pray. Mama knew songs from when she was a little girl, songs a Christian family had taught her so we sang those, we sang Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art in broken English, others joined us in our native tongue German. It was those songs and those prayers that got us through, I know that.

About the author: 

When I was Fourteen I wrote my first short story, but as I grew older my stories grew with me, when I was eighteen I gave my heart to the Lord, and began writing for him, I write both fiction and non ficiton, and poetry, most of my fiction deals with people, often children and young adults overcoming disabilities through faith, I have many inspirations for my writing, my friends such as Melissa who went home to be with the Lord, but continues to be an inspiration to me, she will continue to live on through my writing, and Nonna who was my Mom's Mom inspired me a great deal, I have also found inspiration from Sarah L Tagert, Karen Vidra, Karla Dorman, Joyce Bowling, Sarah Davis, Sister Ruth Osbourne Fran Sayer, Angelic Bayers and Family, my spirtual mentor, Kevin Molloy, Elizabeth Vaughn and Joyce Bowling, and the list goes on and on, as for favorite authors, I love to read Karen Kingsbury, Jill Elizabeth Nelson, Tedd Deeker, Joyce Myers, Joni Eacerson Tada and many others.

I am a very family and friend oriented person, but my personal relationship with Jesus remain the priority in my life, and I pray it always does.I would be happy to do an author interview, if you send me the questions, you would like me to answer, I will do my best to answer them...

I write mainly in the Christian Fiction Genre, as well as Christian Mysteries, Poetry, and for the past few years I have been researching the Holocaust, for a novel I am currently working on entitled Where is G_D about a young girl trying to survive the ghetto, and what will follow during Hitlers Rein.

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