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Today I Welcome Author Sarah Norkus

Hello Sarah, it's great to have you on my blog today. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to interview with me. Please tell me about yourself.

I grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, the daughter of the editor of the horse racing magazine, The Horseman and Fair World. I like to say that writing is in my blood. My cousin, Stephen Ambrose wrote many historical military books including, Band ofBrothers.I have two published books, a memoir, The Eleventh Summer, and a literary fiction, Until the Wind Changes.

I now reside in Colonial Heights, Virginia with my retired military officer husband, Michael. When I am not writing, I volunteer with the American Red Cross, and in the children’s division at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. Ienjoy speaking to groups and refines these skills through my TriCity Toastmasters Club. I am the current Regent of the Colonel John Banister Chapter, The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, an organization devoted to patriotism, education, historic preservation and community service.


When did you discover you were a writer? 

After finishing my first manuscript. I sent it off to a professional critique service and the positive feedback blew me away.

When did you begin writing and what or who influenced you?

 I didn’t start writing until I was forty-eight! Two people influenced my writing. My father, who was the editor of a horse racing magazine. And Stephen Ambrose, my cousin, who wrote “Band of Brothers” and other great historic military novels.

Do you have a job other than your writing activities? 

Chasing grandchildren.

What kind of writing do you do and why did you choose that topic or genre? 

My first book was a memoir, written to help children of alcoholics because I was one. The second one was a literary fiction based on true events of my dysfunctional blended family. Now I am writing a Christian historical/fantasy fiction trilogy. I chose this topic because I love God, history and time travel.

Who is your favorite author or what is your favorite book? What are you currently reading? 

My favorite book is the Bible. Just love the author. I am currently reading “Dark Enough to see the Stars in a Jamestown Sky.”

 Explain your writing process? What tricks and techniques help you be both creative and productive? (not just what you do, but how you do it) 

I know this won’t be very helpful, but I believe I have been given a true gift from God. I don’t outline or do a storyboard, etc. I sit down at my laptop and my imagination just flows from my brain to my fingers. I do, however, do a lot of research on the historical settings in my books. I want it as close to the facts as possible.

What has been your favorite part of being an author? What has been your least favorite? 

My favorite has been the interaction with my readers. I love book signings and other social events. My least favorite is waiting for my books to be published. It is a loooog process.

What is the best thing that has happened in your writing career thus far? 

The best thing to happen in my writing career was when one of the executives at my publisher (AMG) told me that he is a fifty-five year old man and he couldn’t put my book down until he finished it. Unbelievable, considering that the book is a YA fiction for girls.

As an author, where do you hope to be in five years? 

Still writing books and telling stories that are a delight to my readers.

Do you have any parting words of wisdom for other aspiring authors? 

Try not to be discouraged with all the negativity you encounter. At my first writer’s conference, a hundred or more of us “hopeful” new writers were told that we would not get a contract with a traditional publisher without a platform. That was 95% of the audience. But I am proof that that statement is wrong. Writers have a dream and dreams do come true.

The Secret Diary of Sarah Chamberlain by Sarah Norkus
ISBN: 978-0899577708
Publisher: Living Ink Books
Softcover (320 pages)

Purchase the book here:
Book blurb:

In the year 2008, fifteen year-old Emily Grace (Em) discovers a secret hiding place under a wooden plank in the attic of an old house in Petersburg. It conceals a 150 year-old-diary belonging to Sarah Chamberlain, the previous owner of the house. Carefully turning to the last entry, Em’s interest is piqued by the mention of missing confederate gold and a murder mystery. She slips the diary into the pocket of her capris.

As she reads the diary, Em is touched by Sarah’s deep love for her husband, Robert. Emotionally, Em’s life is spinning out of control and the diary is a welcome distraction. Each day her faith slips further and further away as she blames God for the many trials and tribulations she has had to endure. After rereading the last page and Robert’s senseless murder, she has one more reason to doubt God’s love for his creation.Em slips the diary back in her pocket planning to return it to the attic before helping her mother clean the old house in Petersburg. While scrubbing black scuffmarks off the kitchen floor, Em has an emotional meltdown airing her list of grievances, including Robert’s murder, before God. As she shouts that she doesn’t believe he really exists, vertigo suddenly hits with a vengeance and she passes out. Regaining consciousness, Em is dumbfounded; the kitchen has been replaced by a nineteenth century parlor.

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