Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In His Own Time: A Story of Family, Friends, and Courage by Tamara Pray Frazier

In His Own Time: A Story of Family, Friends, and Courage 
by Tamara Pray Frazier
ISBN: 978-1878853752
Publisher: Williams & Company, Publishers
Softcover (160 pages)

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Book blurb:

Faye Baker lay crumpled in the back of the overturned van, wondering why she had lost all feeling in her legs. She would soon find out. Rushed to Memorial Hospital in Savannah from the wreck site on I-95, Faye awoke from her sedative-induced slumber to hear her doctor utter the words she feared most: "Miss Baker, you will never walk again." But there is far more to man than mere flesh and blood. There is soul and spirit, iron will, and utterly unquestioning faith, qualities deeply rooted in Faye Baker and the family and friends who surrounded and supported her. In In His Own Time, Hinesville author Tamara Pray Frazier tells the inspiring story of this horrific event and of its final transformation into victory over misfortune. Far from accepting the doctor's desperate prognosis as anything more than a challenge, the Bakers decided to "claim" the healing of their daughter and, as they had always done, trust without reservation or hesitation that God would make the healing real. Tamara introduces the reader to an exceptional group of faith-filled people whose strength in adversity can serve as a model for us all.

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