Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Past Hunter by Ruthie Madison

The Past Hunter by Ruthie Madison
ISBN: 978-1480239593
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Softcover (110 pages)

Book Synopsis:

Julie moved to California to get away from her boyfriend after she found out he was involved in a murder. Eight years later, she is confronted by him again. Will she give him another chance or say goodbye forever?

After 6 years of running from her boyfriend, he finds her and Julie is confronted with her past and with the help of God, is able to make a decision to whether she should return home to Montana or leave her past behind for good. 

About the author: 

Ruthie Madison (known as Ruthie Derby to her friends and family) devotes much of her attention, along with her sister to caring for their widowed mother. She also enjoys reading, crocheting and walking. She is a member of a family of deep faith which they express trough personal devotion and regular church attendance. Ruthie also is active in writing groups.

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