Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Spectacular Cover Real For Author Cheryllynn Dyess

Specifically what genre is this? Science – Fiction / Fantasy

Why did you make the cover like this? It represents my vision of Jein’s home and how she looks. Jein is a young woman whose love is her home and family, what better way to represent the first trek of this journey than showing her home to the world.

How many variations did you go through to get this? Only two, the first one only needed to be tweaked a tiny bit – Jein’s skin color needed to be a bit darker.

Did you do the cover yourself? Oh no! I have the visions but when it comes to actual art work – I leave it to the professionals. I chose the photos to work with from, passed them on to the graphic artist and she did her magic. Kristy from was amazing to work with and very professional.

What is the book about? Each person has a distinct trait that's either held in reserve or pursued without inhibitions. For reasons that vary, the latter may seem an egotistic act. However, not for Jein. Taking a path other than the one she believes is right is like betraying her own soul. This book features a young girl who deals with her individuality in admirably different ways. It tells a story of how she accomplishes exceptional feats in a world that draws an unyielding line between men and women. Follow Jein Kyominias, a girl who does not entertain the established roles other females of the upper class take in her land. Her rearing in a matriarchal society has certain paths laid out. She has chosen to be an elite hunter instead of a mere matron. She is unique in her fondness for activities that are specifically bequeathed for men. She decides she will be different---strong and different that is.

Why this genre? Science-fiction has been the one genre that has never lost me, grasping my attention and imagination and never letting go. From as early as six years of age I can remember the shows and movies, so really how can I not write in this genre. I literally can sit for hours watching or reading within this genre when all others lose my interest in less than hour (on most any given day). In this genre you cannot be told your visions are impossible because it is what we make it, anything is possible!

What makes this book different from the other books in the same genre? I believe this book in the science fiction world is different because there is nothing paranormal here, it is all natural and possible – just in another world and setting. Another aspect is that it relates closely to the gender role issues many of us face in our lives, giving it a realistic feel, when we want to do more than the typical social expectations of a gender allow. For example, in Jein’s world being a hunter is for the men – the women are in charge of the government. This is the main obstacle Jein deals with daily from her friends, family and her government – she wants to do what she is good at and enjoys even when she is expected not to.

Who are you? Who am I…well now let’s see. I am a mother of four, grandmother of one and future stepmom of two, plus a mom to three fur babies! I was born and raised in the Southeast, calling Georgia my home at all times. As for my personality well, I am a strong spirited woman who is very creative and spontaneous but I love to plan and organize also. I love the outdoors and nature; it seems to refresh my soul from deep within. Writing for me is not a forced task but comes very easily for me, while writing about myself seems to be the hardest thing to put into words.

Where can we find you? You can find me online at the following links and pages:

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Do you have a mailing list? Not really, followers can get updates on my blog whenever posted or follow me on the other social sites. This is something that will happen in the near future.

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